Option 1:


For wholesale pricing options, you must purchase a minimum of 25 shirts all in the same design, colors, and t-shirt brand. Your design will be created by our in-house design team at Arrowhead Design Group for a one time cost of $65. Extended discounts apply per 100 tees. Please allow for 2 weeks of production time after your order has been placed and your design has been confirmed. We recommend that you become a vendor if you’re planning on selling these items in a retail store. For wholesale orders please email lanie@burgapparel.com.


Option 2:


Want to avoid the upfront cost? We’ll design your t-shirt, host the pre-ordering on our website, and send you a check when the campaign is complete! In order to qualify for fundraising, you must sell at least 25 tees total. Prior to your fundraiser, we will send you an invoice for $65 that is non-refundable to cover the labor involved in designing and posting your product. Our pricing structure for fundraising is a 15/5/5 model where we keep $15 to go towards the print production and shipping of your items, $5 for our trademark usage, and $5 will go to your organization/company for each tee sold in the form of a check once the campaign is complete. T-shirts are sold for $25/ea. Fundraisers may last for up to 1 month maximum.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I purchase wholesale online?

Not yet. We are working on streamlining this feature, however, we currently can’t process the inventory quickly enough due to supply chain issues. For now, please email lanie@burgapparel.com to place your order.

What is the wholesale pricing structure?

Wholesale pricing depends on which items you’d like to purchase, how many you’d like to purchase and where you are located for shipping cost calculation. However, we give discounts for every 100 tees you purchase. 25 is our minimum. You can expect to pay roughly $14/t-shirt (Sell for $25) and roughly $16/hat (Sell for $25-$30) for your first 100 or less.

What types of apparel items do you offer?

We offer lots of brands, however the general favorites are: Comfort colors, Bella Canvas, Next Level, and Gildan for t-shirts and outerwear. Some hat brands we offer are: Dri-duck, 47 Brand, Legacy, Outdoor Caps, Richardson, and Imperial. If you’re looking for something specific, please let us know and we may be able to accommodate. We also offer some promo items such as coffee mugs, koozies, stickers, and water bottles.

*Pricing will vary depending on brand and quantities chosen. 


What if I don't sell enough tees during my fundraiser?

You must sell at least 25 tees to qualify for our fundraising option. Once the fundraiser is complete, if you did not meet the requirement, all purchases will be refunded and your original deposit will not be refunded ($65). The $65 start up fee is refundable regardless of success or if you did not meet the minimum requirement.