It starts with our Founder,
Lanie W. Carter

One of our First t-shirts ever printed…
(The cosmic BURG tee)

*Photo Credz: Jason Keefer (@j_a_keefer) \ Model: Frankie Zombie

May 2016 | Arrowhead Design Company was born

In May of 2016, Arrowhead Design Company (Burg Apparel's parent company) was created. Lanie brought her knowledge home to start Arrowhead Design Company after working for both a tech startup in New Jersey and a publication company in the OBX of North Carolina. Arrowhead was a graphic design agency focused on helping small business in Spartanburg get started with their branding.

2017 | R.I.P. Spear Point Screen Printing

Like most entrepreneurs, Lanie tried a new thing! Not long after starting Arrowhead, she decided to create a second division of the company that would solely focus on screen printing apparel to provide a new service to design customers... this venture was short lived, as Arrowhead saw little to no benefit...however... it did spark an idea...

2018 | Welcome to the BURG

In 2018, Spartanburg was starting to really blossom. At Arrowhead, we wanted to capitalize on this growth and show our hometown proof that we knew how to brand! So with that, the very first BURG tee was created and for the first time, BURG was monetized and made available to the public for purchase!

2019 | BURG is BOOMING

In 2019, word was starting to spread around town and Arrowhead was getting calls from individuals, businesses, teams... everyone wanted some BURG gear! We created a website, started selling online, and decided we needed to take things a step farther.


Everyone knows how this year goes. The pandemic hit, so we postponed all production of BURG products until 2021. Despite these terrible odds of being able to recuperate, Arrowhead Design Co. won Small Business of the Year, AND had big plans for 2021.

2021 | Hello Trademark

And just like that...BURG wasn't going anywhere...or was it going EVERYWHERE? In 2021, we officially received word from the USPTO after two years of back and forth that Arrowhead Design Company now owned the rights to the term "BURG."

2022 | Wholesale, Fundraising, Burg Ambassadors

With the trademark in hand, this year, we've already been able to reach many other burgs like Fredericksburg, TX, Gatlinburg TN, Williamsburg VA, St. Petersburg FL, etc. with more than just online shopping. We've got a pop-up schedule you can follow to find us in person, fundraising, wholesale, and Ambassador opportunities! Let's gooooo!